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The Aetna HealthFund® Health Savings Account (HSA) by Aetna Life Insurance Company

New Way To Manage Health and Health Care Expenses

Introducing Aetna HealthFund HSA. Members get more control over how they spend or save their health care dollars. With an integrated Aetna HealthFund HSA, members get the protection of a High Deductible Health Insurance Plan (HDHP); PLUS they get a tax-advantaged** health savings account that they can use to help pay for qualified expenses.

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Why Choose an Aetna HealthFund HSA?

  • No set-up fees
  • No monthly administration fee
  • No withdrawal forms required
  • Convenient access to HSA funds via debit card or checkbook
  • Track HSA activity through Aetna Navigator™

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How to Establish a Health Savings Account

  • The member enrolls in an HSA-compatible HDHP. Please note that Aetna plans for Individuals and Families are not guaranteed issue, and require medical underwriting (Federally eligible individuals under HIPAA according to state legislation may have access to special guaranteed issue products).
  • The member signs up for the Aetna HealthFund HSA. They can do this at anytime once enrolled in the health insurance plan.
  • Once enrolled in the HSA, the member will receive an HSA welcome kit.
  • The member, an employer, or an eligible family member - or any combination - may make HSA contributions up to the annual limit at anytime throughout the year.
  • Employers (if applicable) may make contributions to the account through regular payroll deductions, in a lump sum amount or via periodic contributions.

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How to Use the Account

  • The member will be provided with an Aetna HSA Visa® Debit Card. They may also request a checkbook, for a fee.
  • The member uses the HSA debit card for instant access to the HSA dollars to pay for qualified our-of-pocket expenses quickly and easily.
  • The member can also have the option to pay expenses out-of-pocket and let their HSA grow and earn interest for future qualified expenses, including certain retiree health expenses.
  • The member owns their HSA, so they keep it, even if they change health insurance plans or jobs. At the end of each year, money left in the account rolls over to the next year.

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